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Shayne Mehringer

Chief Information Officer, Dwyer Group® and President of ZorWare

As the chief information officer for Dwyer Group, Shayne Mehringer serves a crucial role in the service-based franchise company’s operations. He provides oversight, business transformation, and leadership for all of the company’s information technology needs to improve program performance and to manage risk for the Dwyer Group portfolio companies.

Shayne began his career as a network analyst with IBM. He was one of the original employees of Integrated Electrical Services—a service provider consisting of more than 150 commercial contractors all over the United States and generating $3.4 billion in revenue annually. Shayne also founded a Y2K conversion management consulting company, followed by a series of new businesses ranging from SaaS services to commercial printing and manufacturing.

Before joining Dwyer Group, Shayne served as senior vice president for a Mark Cuban-owned data center and cloud services company in Dallas, Texas, where he focused on delivering cloud-based technology solutions, worldwide sales, and strategic marketing in the enterprise space.

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