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Dwyer Group® Was On Undercover Boss!

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Co-chairwoman of Dwyer Group, Dina Dwyer-Owens, was a guest on the Emmy-winning CBS reality show “Undercover Boss”—and she was even asked back to be featured in a special episode!

Of the experience, Dina had this to say:

Dwyer Group is responsible for 21 different brands that focus on home services. Dina was excited to have the opportunity to see how an average business is run from the inside, and to learn practical ways to help her franchise owners make their lives better. At Dwyer Group, we’re all about serving our franchise owners and our customers. We’re a family: Supporting our franchisees matters to us. Participating in “Undercover Bosses” was just one way of showing that we’ll jump at any and every opportunity to make our business better and to serve our franchise owners.

Check out the clip — and feel free to contact Dwyer Group by clicking here!

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