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We need people like you! Who do you call when you need a home repair service? Is there a local, independent service provider who is always there when you need them? Make it a win-win for them and you. Refer them today through the People Like You Program!

We’re looking for the best people, from the best service companies, to join our team of home service franchise owners. No one understands the benefits and support of being a Dwyer Group brand like you do. In addition to feeling great about introducing someone you know to a new business opportunity, you get to reap the rewards of your referral.

If your referral becomes a franchisee, and is not someone we're already working with, you will receive*:


*Prizes are awarded only when a referral purchases a franchise. Valid between 04/01-3/31. Excludes self-referrals, spouse-referrals, and resales. Brand officers and franchise developers may not participate. If more than one of your referrals becomes a franchisee in the same award year, you will receive $1,500 for each additional sale in lieu of registration fees, hotel and travel reimbursement for a total of $3,500.

** In lieu of all other benefits listed

It's a win-win opportunity - refer a friend today!

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